Thursday, July 14, 2011

More duck pics

The group together before getting on our charter flight, taking us to the duck lodge Everyone piled into the boat and ready for the first hunt

Don't shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes:

These aren't bird boys, they are bird men, toting out 30+ birds each and the decoys, guns, stools, shells, drinks etc.

Happy Me

Even dad got his limit

Where do all these ducks go? There are plenty of people that want them. Most of these shots were of folks who live along the river and the "islands" of the delta where they take care of that great Argentinian beef.

White faced tree duck, this is my favorite, they are very wary, decoying like a pintail. When they get in range, wait a little longer. They seem to just hang there, making for easy doubles and triples.....if you can pick one out instead of being tempted to flock shoot.

Me and Jimmy bearing down on them.

Jimmy and Sergio