Monday, June 20, 2011

bronzebacks and largemouth

Dad and I took a float trip down the James today, Joshua Falls was the best of it. Check out this months NC Sportsman and the article about crossover fishing. I put a Mirror Lure MR-17 to work and gave dad a lesson, catching 4 smallmouth to every one that he landed.

No worries, he returned the favor in his childhood bass pond this afternoon. He had me about 10 to 1 on the largemouth before I switched over to the green lizard that he was throwing. He then switched to topwater and never let me catch up.

I had forgotten how good it feels to give a Roland Martin hook set to take up the lack and put a largemouth in the air... Got to admit, the smallies are more sporty in that swift water. Pretty cool to watch them leap and eat the dragonflies, never seen that one before. Packing up and heading to the coast to put another fish in the air sometime this week.