Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain Ponytail needs your help asap!!

From Capt. Rod:

"Hi folks,
Capt. Ponytail here. We need a little help! For those of you who have fished with us or bought bait from us on the Roanoke River in Weldon, I just received the minutes from a town council meeting held in Weldon May 9th. The town council may vote tomorrow night on changing a local permit that would make it illegal for us to sell bait at the Ponderosa Campground. This would affect our bait business and our guide business as well. Eight to ten other out of town professional guides also use our services...and most importantly, so have you. I learned about just last night, and the next meeting is literally 24 hours from now on Monday night in Weldon. Smokey, Greg and I will be at that meeting hoping to be able to speak before the vote is taken. Please use your voice for us. If you have had a good experience fishing with us or buying bait from us, please tell the town council and Mayor of Weldon that you would be upset if we were shut down. They have no clue how much revenue folks like you bring to their little town. So please tell Traci Storey,(Town Clerk),Mayor Meacham and the commissioners of Weldon your story of where you're coming from to fish, the fact that you ARE helping the local economy, and how we've helped you to have fun on the Roanoke. Please ask Traci to forward a copy of your e-mail to Mayor Meacham and each commissioner.

So please email your comments to us and Traci Storey in Weldon. Her e mail address is "

Wish I could make the meeting, but I did send a letter. Rod's bait business has been important to the Down East Guides, keeping us in good bait and our customers in good fish.

No cobes today, but we caught some very nice bottom dwellers. I took a day off yesterday and road on the Run Off wtih Capt. Brian, plenty of dolphin out there, but we were looking for something with a bill......and missed him....

Capt. Greg got the dolphins yesterday and a big 48 inch drum in the river the day before. Won't be long before I'm in the dirty water.