Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forgot to mention......

........that the albacore were thick yesterday. I didn't bring any "little" rods or fly rods and we were regretting it. Albies had the bait balls pushed up and the sharks and cobia were crashing through the middle of them. We had problems pulling baits away from the sharks in order to tease and cast at the cobia. I also saw a tarpon on the shoals.

The albie fishing was as good as it gets.....and so was the cobia fishing. Today on the Roanoke, the striper fishing was as good as it gets. Over 150 on the fly this afternoon, 3 anglers. Here are a couple more pics from yesterday:
Black drum:
Do Not Cast at the Whale! This young humpback appeared out of nowhere as we were fishing a bait ball. When we first saw him/her it was drifting with the boat about 10 feet below the surface, just watching us. It came up, took a breath and looked us eye to eye. We backed away and it ate the bait ball.