Monday, September 27, 2010

winding down

All of the Down East Guides needed a couple days off this week to get things back in order. The rain and stormy weather is welcomed......but the fish are still out there waiting for us. Capt. Ray had a great day yesterday, after a slow start, he found the pups and yearlings, getting a citation drum for everyone on the boat at sunset. I was close to the action a couple of times, had the big drum in my chum slick until a bull shark showed up and scattered the school, pretty cool watching them run away from JAWS. Capt. Ray later found another school on top, hooking a couple, I got there just in time to watch them slip off the edge of the shoal. I ended up getting mine, ubt it took until sunset to make it happen.

Capt. Brian has headed back to the beach and says that there are plenty of albies.....also a lot of life, including groupers on the nearshore reefs.

Here's a pic of a quadruple header from a few days ago: