Sunday, May 30, 2010

Report from Capt. Brian, Capt. Ray and cobia fishing today

26 mahis Friday, 51 mahis and a wahoo Saturday, 49 mahis and 2
wahoo today, will keep you posted. RUN OFF SPORTFISHING....that's the report form Capt. Brian Harrington on the Run Off, he doesn't have many openings, but if you can get one, take it. We'll be glad to help.

Saw 18 cobias today and hooked 6. Let's just say we didn't do too well with the execution, but we did execute a couple of them, both citations.

Capt. Ray caught a few cobia today and 25 puppy drum and yearlings yesterday, 18-35 inches.

For those of you who don't know, a puppy drum is under about 10 pounds or 27 inches. A yearling is between 27 inches and about 40 inches, which is when it becomes an "old drum".