Monday, May 10, 2010

Couldn't stand it, I had to check it out.....

Sight casting cobia is my new favorite thing to do and with the reports coming from the coast, I had to check it out, so after fishing on Saturday, catching 80+ stripers in the morning, I headed to Morehead to get the tower boat ready. My fishing partners finally made it down to the boat at noon on Sunday. In four hours we saw 30 fish and caught 9, including one that was tagged in Virginia, probably last year, we haven't turned the tag in yet. Of the six that we killed, the smallest was 38 pounds, the other 5 were all citation and ranged from 45 to the biggest, a 78 pounder.

I'm back on the Roanoke today and tomorrow and will have a first hand report. They pulled the plug on the river, dropping the water again. Things were a bit slow on Saturday, but picked up yesterday afternoon. This cool snap and the forecast for stable water levels should result in good, steady fishing at least through the week.,00060