Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cobia have arrived

That's right, there have been some cobia caught along the beach this week and there seems to be plenty of bait. Things are setting up to be another great season. With cold water up to the north, these early arriving fish should stay around a while. I can't wait to get after them. In fact, I'm heading to the coast this week to make sure that everything is in working order and will be dividing my time between the cobia and the Roanoke for the last two weeks of May.

There are an obscene amount of stripers still making their way up the river, we've only seen a fraction of what is coming. The water is warming and excellent top water action is about to begin and should last all the way through May.

Here are a couple of pics from recent trips with Capt. Dubiel out of Oriental/New Bern:

Still beating them down and beating them up the Roanoke, plenty of fish, but for a few hours each day they move around a lot and can be a bit finicky