Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wow, it sure sucked for me today

It's one thing when you go for hero and end up a zero, it's another thing when you're just trying to catch fish and everyone around you is accomplishing that goal and you're sucking wind. We did a little of both , hero in the morning, zero in the afternoon.....well, not exactly zero, but one of the toughest afternoons I've ever had on the river.

Congrats to H-Man who entered the striper tournament at Weldon and won the youth division....for the second year in a row. Hero in the morning.

Afternoon, the big suck-o-la for me. At least Capt. Ray, Capt. Ponytail and Capt. Lee saved their days by getting what they needed......getting ready to spawn? boat traffic? weather change? Who the heck knows.