Saturday, March 20, 2010

My last week here

The season in Costa Rica is in full swing, but it's winding down for me, I'll be home in a week. All in all it's been a good 3 months, but we've worked for everything that we've gotten. Fishing has definitly been slower than in years past, blame El Nino, which seems to be subsiding and the waters are cooling. About 100 miles to the south, reports are starting to come in of boats raising 40+ fish/day. Hopefully they are heading north and the folks fishing for the next three months will get the best of it.

My last week here has been a blast, Capt. Ray was down with some buddies and I got to share one of their two days on the water. They ended up catching 7 sails, 3 decent tuna, 2 dorado, 4 grouper, 3 tilefish and a big tripple tail. Plenty of good eating and everybody caught a billfish.

Today, my dad and I had a father/son day on the water, catching a double header of sails, 3 more singles and a nice little black marlin, my first.