Friday, May 6, 2022

morning rant

Hopefully the upstream dams will release the appropriate amount of water for a successful spawn and the folks at NCWRC will get their head out of their ass and start stocking stripers if they do not have a successful spawn! 

The economic losses of this failed striped bass experiment by  NCWRC, USFWS, NCDMF, MFC and all the other acronyms is stagerring as is their complete incompetence. 

If they were doing their job and following their own plan, they would admit that they have failed and pursue a different strategy. 

The goal of Amendment 2 is to manage the estuarine striped bass fisheries to achieve self-sustaining populations that provide sustainable harvest based on science-based decision-making processes. If biological and/or environmental factors prevent a self-sustaining population, then alternate management strategies will be implemented that provide protection for and access to the resource.

The acroynms have failed and they will not admit it. 

Cape Fear River has been closed for two decades and finally now NCWRC admits that they will not recover to self-sustaining populations because of locks and dams and other environmental factors. 

The Neuse and Tar/Pamlico has a current moratorium and the Roanoke a 4 day season. 

How long before the acronyms admit that they are not God and allow the people paying their salaries to have access to our fish? 

The answer?  Like more progressive states.  Stocking, stocking, stocking.