Monday, July 26, 2021

Pics to follow

 I'll get some pics, but pretty epic few days on the Pamlico Sound before heading back to the hills to beat the heat and check on the tomatoes. 

Day 1 we did what we came down to do, caught a tarpon and jumped another off. 

Day 2 We caught another tarpon

Day 3 We saw none but saved the day on one stop to try to catch our limit of pups for dinner.   After about 45 minutes of fishing 6 25/26 inch pups were going home with us along with 3 trout, one of them was almost 30 inches long. 

Day 4 We should have been tarpon fishing......we listened to Tom Cat catch one and jump another off but opted for topwater trout, more of those 25/26 inch pups and about 20 non existent flounder, half of those would have been really nice keepers.