Sunday, August 25, 2019

What to call a drum?

Officially, NC's state fish is the "red drum" or it may even be technically the "channel bass" which is what the old timers would call them.

The "slot/keeper" sized red drum are called "puppy drum".   (2-3 years old) 
Ones smaller than legal size of 18 inches, we call "pup pups" (less than 1 year old)  
Other places they are called "rat reds" but when we are talking to folks from those other places, we refer to our "rat reds" as anything under 40 inches just to make fun of the little size of their red drum. 

To further confuse things, the over slot sized 27 inchers up to about 40 inches we call "yearlings" even though they are about 3-5 years old.

The big 'uns, over 40 inches and a really big one about 50 inches may be between 5 and 50 years old.  At that size, they are adults and like adults, their age cannot be accurately measured by their height.

Everywhere else in the world they just call them redfish, but if you call them redfish then a local will know that you are from anywhere but here.