Saturday, June 15, 2019

Meanwhile here in Costa Rica I am working hard....

.....most days.

Capt. Jake and my buddy Mike are in town for a few days and we had to check out the Green Season fishing.   Started the day catching cigar minnows which were very abundant up on the bank and had the sailifsh fat and lazy, making it tough for catching them on the fly.    Most other boats had double digit bites/releases on conventional, but we managed only to raise 4 up to the teasers and only one of them ate the fly, but I caught him.

Those cigar minnows worked extremely well with the tunas.   A school was reported a few miles away and we picked up and ran, caugth all the tunas we could want and ran back to the sails, all within an hour.

We spent another hour or so pounding the bottom and loading up on the snappas, one of them is going to be our guest of honor, grilled whole, next to the pool this afternoon. 

The weather has been beautiful and typical for this time of year.   No rain for 5 of the last 7 days except for perhaps a shower at night.  Mornings like the pic below and amazing sunsets in the afternoon.   We are very, very busy for the next couple of months but can still get you out on the water for a last minute Costa Rica Green Season vacation.

Jake is off to the seamounts in a few days and hopefully will have a good report from him, from the boats who are out there now we are hearing of consistent double digit days on blue marlin.