Saturday, May 4, 2019

top water and fly openings

We have some guides available for a bait trip.   $400 and you buy the bait!    Could get expensive as Greg went through 10 dozen at $10/dozen  in 2 hours yesterday.  yes, when you run out of bait you can fish wtih jigs or go buy more bait.

I have yet to put a minna on a hook and I do not plan to fix my live well.  Today, for 3 hours, by ourselves we watched stripers terrorize shad on the surface.   Quite the show, the stripers would run them on the shoreline to 5 waiting blue herons.   Epic topwater and fly.  If anyone is interested in that, I am avaialble for a few days this week for 3/4 days for $600.    if the topwater doesn't happen, the fly rod bite is truly incredible with expectations of a bite almost every cast.