Sunday, August 26, 2018

Drum Rants

There are 4 of them.   Here is where they are:

I am new to old drum fishing (first two trips over the last two Saturdays). One of the most helpful things I've read was your four part rant of 2013. My oldest son landed our first old drum today, and I videoed the release.We took care as best as I could understand with both landing and releasing the fish, but after watching the video I'm curious if the "fish grip" tool is safe to use while releasing or at all. Here is the link to the release.  What is your opinion? Recommendations? Thanks for caring so much about the resource. Video Link:



I think that fish grip is fine to help long as the drum doesn't swim off with it.   The important thing, especially this time of year, is when holding a big drum, to support it's weight and not hang them vertically from that tool or something like a Boga Grip as that puts a lot of pressure an can tear mesentaries supporting the extra large ovaries and testes. 

Capt George