Thursday, July 20, 2017

Triple Grand Slam

Fishing 3 days at the seamounts:
46 blue marlin bites, landed 20.   Not a great hook up ratio, but when blue marlin are coming into the spread in pairs and triples, it gets a little confusing.
6 for 8 striped marlin bites
3 for 6 sailfish.
and 1 big dorado.
Pics to follow.

For red drum and sailfish catches, I don't reveal more than a double digit day "XX".
You know how I feel about posting numbers, it can too often set unrealistic expectations.   Catching a third of this catch is phenomenol.

The Dragin Fly has no openings for the next month, but this moon phases is available in August.  

Serious inquiries from serious fishermen only.   This is not a day trip.  Max of 3 anglers.