Sunday, July 30, 2017

Next Year

The legal hunting season is short.  May, June, July
Demand is increasing.
Dates need to be set now.   Whether you have a group on your own or you would like to add to a hosted group, in order to gurantee availability, we have to pick dates now.

The consistent success of this duck hunt cannot be compared.
Yes, we have doves, our group of four chose to take an afternoon away from the ducks and shot over 1000 doves in less than 3 hours.
Let me know your ideal arrival and departure dates based on the itinerary below.
Day 1 Afternoon departure from USA
Day 2 Morning arrival in Buenos Aires, check into hotel, city tour, dinner and tango show.
Day 3 Morning flight to duck lodge, afternoon duck hunting.
Day 4 Full day, morning and afternoon duck hunting.
Day 5 Full day, morning and afternoon duck hunting.*
           *Afternoon perdiz, dorado or doves availablle, but not required.  No additional charge.
Day 6 Morning dove hunting, afternoon transport to Buenos Aires, depart Argentina
Day 7 Morning arrival in the USA.

Additional days of duck hunting may be added.
Price varies with group size, specific dates and details.

Serious inquiries can e mail
or call 252-671-3474