Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shark Fishing

"George.....put me down for that Tuesday July 12th......Our trip today was a first time for me in many ways.   I caught my biggest blacktop shark by far at an easy 150lbs.....I caught my first spinner shark and the jumping was really cool......and I never experienced seeing that amount of sharks Ina feeding frenzy in my life in person ! .....I hate most sharks, but I love black tips, lemons, and spinners nc they fight with speed and behave more like a gamefish than a lazy shark.   Luke hooked up a huge blacktip and a huge spinner on the fly rod but both were too big to deal with and broke off.......like I said, black tips are more like gamefish than sharks.    I told Chris we can do this again in July no problem if weather doesn't allow for us to get out to amberjacks!"   ---Frank