Sunday, September 13, 2015

Once you think you've got 'em figured out.

Wow, after all the below verbage, they threw my ass a loop today.   It’s got to be that they are gathered up somewhere and spawning on the new moon, but it SUCKED for me this afternoon.   Everyone did good in the morning, but it seemed better down river around Lighthouse.  
This afternoon the only big bite was around POM,  I would go straight there, they should be in the area.  
I fished 5 spots this afternoon and had one bite that the customer broke off on the boat as I was dehooking a very disappointed angler’s sting ray on the other side.
My humble pie smells like skunk.  Jennings had a piece of that pie, Greg landed on them with 9 at sunset plus a couple of pups, Justin had 5 big 'uns.  


Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2015 11:02 AM
To: 'Will
Subject: RE: Old Drum Intel
The drum fishing is MUCH better than last year with consistent fishing from Hampton Shoal to Ocracoke.  It’s kind of crazy, no area has been better than another and everyone is really spread out unlike last year where the best fishing was well below Oriental or in the sound. 
You’re probably going to do the best by drifting, corking and have someone on the boat also chunking some bait as you drift.  Not sure what kind of boat you will be in or if it is conducive to corking, a trolling motor is not necessary.   Greg is catching them out of his Contendor and I gave a “demo” yesterday in my Parker, we caught a double header on the corks about 15 minutes into it.
If you’ve got the wind, then the bait guys will do better than the corkers.  
The fish are going to  be  either  “laid up” and not moving much, an advantage to the corkers or to the bait guys who land in a nest of them…. or they are going to be moving.   If they are not moving and you set up close to them, you can usually get a couple of quick bites from what is there.   If they’re moving, then they will run across you within an hour or so.  Either way, if you don’t get a couple of bites within an hour, you need to move. 
Hate to be vague, but I have caught big drum on every single trip that I have fished this year and I have yet to fish the same place two days in a row.   Dang things are everywhere!

Hope this helps……
From: Will
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2015 5:50 PM
Subject: Old Drum Intel
Hope you and Anna are doing well!
I’m fishing with some good friends tomorrow. 
Any suggestions on locations .   Maw Point, etc?