Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Neuse River Cobia

Hey George. 
Bill here from Danville.  I knew that you would find this interesting. Check out what we caught on Sunday at XXX Point while fishing for Drum.  She ended up about 55 inches.
This is the first one I had ever seen. Had to call somebody to find out if it had teeth before I grabbed it, haha. Fortunately I had a float on my Anchorline. Chased it with the trolling motor, got a pic and she is still swimming around out there.

 Very cool. I suspect we’ll see a few more.  Historically there was a very popular and very consistent cobia fishery off of Cedar Island and behind Ocracoke, but not so much for the last decade.   With the slug of cold water that held a bunch of cobia off of Hatteras this spring, I suspected that we would see a few more on the inside.   
 All the best,