Monday, July 6, 2015

Bull Sharks in the Neuse

Yesterday about 5:30 PM while swimming with my 9 year old daughter just a mile south of marker 19 (5 miles south of NB), an 8-10 ft bull shark swam 10 feet from us.
With all the shark paranoia lately I just couldn't believe my eyes. It stayed on top of the water about a minute. I was able to climb into the boat and then pull my daughter off of the raft into the boat then climb on top of my hardtop and get a better look at it swimming away.
I've seen plenty of sand sharks, spinner sharks and other sharks but this was different, it was the fattest shark I've ever seen. The dorsal fin was about a foot long but not as tall as the other sharks I've  seen. At first I just kept thinking oh it's gotta be a group of skates or something else but it was so close there was no disputing that it was a big fat bull shark.