Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tunas in Costa Rica, Tunas Here and Trout for those who are in the know

Capt. James report from Costa Rica:  Tunas are back

"Another good day of fishing today, "double digit" sailfish, "double digit" yellowfin tuna and 1 mahi mahi....on the loosing side, we lost one mold craft soft head teaser to a wahoo and one rod and reel"  ----Capt. James Smith 

Tunas in NC.  For whatever reason, maybe all the bait and kings around, but the bluefins showed up in force over the last three days.  In his career, Capt. Chris Kimrey has caught and sold more than a dozen big bluefins, all caught on small boats.  He knows what he is doing.   DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME  These fish will kill you.   Less the head and guts, over 500 pounds.  Rumors are the big ocean stripers are right around the corner. 

While the above was going on, I was struggling to get a single bite from a speckled trout.  Although I found a lump of fish and caught, then released easy limits of nice trout on mirror lures one day last week, I have not yet been able to duplicate that success.   I keep getting the reports and I briefly saw it myself, that there is some good trout and striper fishing in the Neuse, but if you want to go, let me get you rigged up with one of the Down East Guides who is a little more tuned into the bite.    After two days standing on the bow of a skiff, running a trolling motor, my back feels it.