Thursday, September 11, 2014

Down East University

I'm very proud of all the guides and the alumni of the first Down East University-Pamlico Sound Campus.   It was a great opportunity for the guides to do something together for a couple of days and I think all the students enjoyed it.   I'll let their pictures and comments tell the story.

I want to thank all the Down East Guides who participated, including Captains: Joe Ward, Mitch Blake, Greg Voliva, Justin Haddock, Scott Wood, Richard Andrews, Rod Thomas, Jennings Rose and the many others who have been supportive.  A very special thanks goes out to River Dunes for housing and feeding all of us and accommodating our crazy schedules.  Our major sponsors,  Shimano, Custom Marine Fabrication and Neuse Sport Shop were a huge help in putting together the  fishing tackle. 
 "You can teach an old dog(me) new tricks." -- Hugh


"Hello Anna:
The 3 day fishing course was amazing and I believe that you and Captain George exceeded  everyone's expectations. A grand and educational time was had by all. This 3 day immersion was truly second to none and I learned a lot. The different captains were also all fantastic and the exposure to different experiences manificient. My only regret is that my kids were not with me (they are in College) and I certainly hope you will do it again so I can bring them along next time. I cannot imagine the amount of work and preparation that you'all put into this.
I am also sorry I missed meeting you. I heard from very reliable and trusted sources that you were indeed the best catch that Captain George ever landed...
The accomodations, location, the bungalows and the dining were, by the way, simply superb.
 Kind Regards."

In case you missed it, Down East University-Pamlico Sound Campus was hosted at River Dunes and included accommodations in the River Dunes cottages and dinners at their clubhouse restaurant.  Classes included hand-on instruction on knot tying, cast nets, cleaning and cooking your catch and nightly dinner seminars.  Also included with entrance to the school was a brand new Shimano light tackle combo for the puppy drum and a Shimano Teramar rod with their redesigned Spheros 8000 packed with 50 pound Power Pro.  Over the three days, students fished on 4 half day sessions with different guides specializing on a variety of topics including popping corks for big drum, artificials for trout and top water stripers.......and of course the big drum.