Monday, September 29, 2014

How about some drum pics?

"Mitch couldn’t have been better and  my ladies had the experience of a lifetime.  
Mitch was smart (trailering his boat around so we didn’t have to pound through heavy seas), enthusiastic, encouraging, patient- and put us on fish like it was a movie script!   My two daughters and my wife each caught nice reds in the 24-26” class (in addition to some smaller fish) while working around the edges- then we anchored out on a “honey hole” for sundown and they let me reel in a 47 pounder that hit right on schedule.  When we pulled in to trailer the boat after dark, there were some very happy folks  stepping ashore!
Mitch expertly filleted  the fish, made arrangements at the Toucan to cook our catch for dinner- and then made us feel like members of the family when he joined us for the event.  Turns out yesterday was his birthday so we had a quick one-day-early birthday celebration complete with candle.  
We’ll be back!"


More Capt. Mitch praise: 

"I have to chime in to sing Mitch's praises! I wasn't planning to go on this fact I arrived in my shopping clothes to drop them off and head back to town.  I just wasn't sure I would feel comfortable on the boat, having never spent 5 hours at a stretch at sea. Would I get seasick? Sunburned? Have to go to the bathroom?

15 seconds talking with Mitch and I changed my mind. He was so confident I would have fun, so capable, answered all my questions and addressed all the fears with a calm sense of humor. Then we took off and he made good on all the promises of fun. He worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect for us....and it was.

I told him at the end that I felt like I had been part of a movie script. Each one of us “girls”  caught a nice big fish at one of the places he took us.  I think Mitch knew we all really wanted Bob to catch something special, so headed for the big water at sunset in search of the "big fish”.  He wasn't going to be satisfied unless our day ended with a bang, and it sure did. He worked so fast and hard to bait and cast out 6 lines and, just before sundown, Bob caught the monster fish! The pictures and video we have of this are family treasures!!

As Anna whispered to me as we were pulling in...”Mom, this was the perfect, perfect, perfect day.”  It was. Thank you, Mitch, for helping my daughters talk me into going along. I will never forget it!"

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