Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More harassment from the military near bombing ranges

Just heard that another fishing guide has been harassed by PEDRO military helicopter, although he was OUTSIDE the restricted/danger areas near Turnigan/Rattan Bay.  

As a result of opposition to further expansion of these ranges, the military has closed areas that were previously accessible by recreational and food-fishers and they have stepped up enforcement of these areas.    Although they installed additional navigation aids to mark the ranges, the military has made a habit of harassing anyone legally utilizing public trust waters near these areas.

 When inquiring with the military regarding this harassment, this was the official response:

"Without getting into a senseless debate regarding the accuracy of GPS and other navigational aids, I would only suggest that it would be prudent to give yourself a sufficient buffer around the restricted areas to eliminate potential hazards to those on your boat, and to avoid possible penalties for penetrating the restricted areas."

I encourage any fishermen who are legally fishing outside of the restricted areas to document your location and report any harassment by the military.   What goes on in those ranges is criminal in itself, unfortunately there is not the public or political will to question what the military does in Eastern North Carolina......take water contamination at Camp Lejuene as an example.

All this said, I thank the military for giving me the freedom to question their authority and poor decisions.