Friday, June 13, 2014

R and R and meat on hooks

Rest and Relaxation....actually a working Father's Day vacation up in the mountains for me.

Meanwhile on the coast and rivers......
Capt. Chris is catching a few flounders and plenty of aj's, even an occasional cobia if it crosses his path.   Capt. Greg is reporting excellent catches of pups and flounder in the lower Neuse.   Capt. Joe Ward says the trout are going to have a tough time hiding in a couple of days with the opening of trout season and there are consistent reports of big drum in the river already.   I have not seen them in the ocean in a couple of weeks, so that's about right.   Also a tarpon was caught on the Bogue Inlet Pier.  I'd rather not display the carnage of dead fish on hook, I don't know who looks worse, the fish or the angler, they're both pretty red around the gills.     At least when one is killed in Costa Rica, there is more priority on making fish cakes for the village than meat hanging on a hook for a picture in the local paper.   What a shame.