Saturday, November 9, 2013

Someone Stole My Trout

Had some very rare mechanical issues today.  The motor did not leave me, but it sure sounded like it was coming apart.   I limped home.  Thanks to Capt. Al Edwards who came to the rescue, picking up my party and putting them on the albies for the afternoon and again tomorrow.   After my 3 hour stroll home, I put the boat on the trailer and delivered to Mobile East Gene.   He'll get me running soon enough.

I got back to the beach just in time to put on my waders and try for a trout.   No bucket, no stringer, just me, my brand new rod that Brett built me, , a mirror lure and all light fading from the western sky.   I was about to give up when I got a bite, nice keeper.   Put him up on the beach and went back for more.  

From waste deep in the surf, I saw a couple of a guys walk by my trout, pick it up and admire it, I didn't know that they kept on walking with it.   Anna passed them as she was coming down the beach to beckon me out of the water.   They didn't have a rod with 'em, but they did have a nice dinner.

Blown motor and a stolen trout.