Friday, March 1, 2013

Road Trip

 I know that you feel that I’ve been slack about completing this report…..actually, I have not had a lot of time on the computer.   Anna and I took off on a road trip, exploring regions of Costa Rica where we need to spend more time in the future.    First, we headed up to Papagayo, the northernmost region and port.   This is a beautiful area with a fabulous marina and unbelievable hotels and views.   Unlike the Central Pacific and Los Suenos/Quepos, this area gets some pretty serious winds through the winter.  These winds push the surface water from the shore, causing colder, nutrient rich water to rise from the depths…..”upwelling”.   In late April, the winds lay down and the billfishing is red hot.   The Dragin Fly heads to Papagayo each year to fish the Presidential Challenge Billfish Tournament, this year May 15-20……perhaps we need to add a few more days to our trip.   Drop us a line if you want to join the Dragin Fly in Papapgayo on the front end or back end of this trip.

From Papagayo, we headed down to Flamingo and Tamarindo to personally meet some of the charter operators that have been taking care of our folks who have stayed up there.   Tamarindo was a cool town, with lots going on.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, we made it down to Samara and Carillo.   Anna was hanging out on the beach and we watched some familiar boats arrive to the anchorage.    Turns out, one of the legs of the Presidential Challenge is fishing out of Carillo this weekend.   The Dragin Fly was already booked out of Los Suenos , so we couldn’t fish this leg……..but Anna and I did crash the captain’s party.   Big time had by all.   Glad that I’m not fishing today.

Hopefully our road trip will better help sever those Down East customers who are flying into Liberia and exploring northern Costa Rica.