Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trout Bite

When I get the call that the trout are "going off", I usually arrive just in time to urinate on the coals of the fire. When I got the call three days ago, it had been going on for that long, maybe longer, but I'm glad to have gotten in on some of the best of it.

At first, I'm sure that there were only a few anglers donned in waders, standing knee deep in the surf, prospecting various sloughs up and down the coast.  What they found there was pretty "special", at times, sometimes for hours, keeper specks up to 5 pounds were biting on literally "every" cast.

From Duck, to Hatteras, Cape Lookout, even Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle and points further south, these easily identifiable sloughs are holding fish.   The more accessible areas may be home to as many as 50
"sand people".   I hesitated posting any details for fear of reprisals from local anglers for giving away "secrets"......but with that many anglers fishing, secrets don't last long in the fishing industry.  Everyone has a "friend" or a buddy.......who has another buddy.....who has another buddy.

Over the past couple of days, I've seen that if things get a bit crowded, there are also plenty of fish away from the crowds.   Don't be afraid to fish the edges, take a walk or a drive to find some less fished water.  If the fish are there, it won't take long to find out and you can have them to yourselves......or at least until you get "caught".

Best lures, for me a MR 17 or 27. I just don't think color matters as much as how you are fishing it, which is  very slow.   Long cast, let it sink, let it sink some more, twitch, pauuse, twitch, pauuse, twitch, twitch, pause, bite, set the hook, got 'em on.   Good job, it's just that easy.

For flounder and puppy drum action, switch to a green grub or a gulp and keep an eye out around your ankles for the pups.

Nice to see the albies balling up on the horizon, will be chasing them tomorrow.