Monday, October 15, 2012

Customer comments from last Friday


Thanks again for the EPIC trip on Friday 10/12.  All of us agreed it was the best trip of our lives and we can’t imagine ever topping that again, we could only hope to equal it.  When we added it all up, we caught over 40 fish representing 8 different species.  Included in that was 1 citation king mackerel and 2 citation Spanish mackerel, twelve grouper and the 16 amberjacks at the end of the day which made us actually “no mas” was a terrific day.  As usual we laughed a lot, caught a lot and had one of the most memorable days one the water we will probably ever have.  I attached some pictures and look forward to seeing you next year.

Richmond, VA

If you want in on some of this hot fall action on the Crystal Coast, just pick a pretty day and give us a ring. 252-671-3474......better yet, drop me an e mail, I'm still wandering the flats of Belize this week, but will be ready for some deeper water when I get back......although I guess that I was in deep water today.   On the bottom of 60 feet of water trying to figure out how to get sunblock out of my eyes with a scuba tank on my back.....I think that Anna is trying to collect the insurance.