Saturday, September 29, 2012


The Down East Guides had the pleasure of fishing with the ladies of the International Women's Fishing Association this past week.   The weather was perfect, but despite our "epic" weekend, the fishing for the big drum slowed a little.  We still had a few double digit afternoons and all 12 ladies caught citation red drum, plus plenty of grey trout and blues waiting on the bite.

The cooling temps and full moon are triggers for many of these big fish to head across the sound, but there are still a lot of fish in the river and there should be enough to chase for a couple more weeks, but the double digit days will be a little less common.

Good news is that there is a great sign of specks and greys and the cooler temps have brought them into the creeks and shallows.   Up the river, mixed with stripers, there is going to be some great fall fishing.   Long half days on the bay boats are $450, full days are $600.  If you didn't get your citation red drum this year, there is still time, but you better get out there quick.