Monday, February 27, 2012


As Ruby aged in her last years, Shamrock filled a void that his mother was leaving. As Ruby's joints and health gradually faded away, Shamrock and I spent more and more time together. We had said our good by's to Ruby every time that we would leave on a trip or when she was having a bad day.

It was unexpected and crushing to suddenly lose Shamrock this weekend. He was always ready to "go for a ride" no matter where that may have taken him, even Costa Rica for a season where he was Anna's beach buddy. A back yard tennis ball dog until Anna and I aquired him at 6 years old, he quickly found his way into our hearts and our house. He even turned into a really good duck dog.

He was loved and he knew that he was loved. We were not ready to lose him and we are struggling with his loss. In lieu of condolences, consider supporting a group that is warming the hearts of many animals that have never known the love that we were able to give our dogs and that they have given us.