Sunday, December 4, 2011

Never, Never, Never Give Up

In the morning we saw 2 marlin, missed them both….one of them all 3 of us had a chance…… caught a sail, jumped off 3 sails after seemingly good hook ups. 10 minutes to go in the tourney and a stripey comes off the dredge and onto the right short bait, I hook the fish and we start getting stuff in. Another stripey piles on the right teaser as it races to the boat. The fish follows the teaser all the way to the boat and starts swatting at it as it’s hanging from the outrigger. The guys are throwing baits at it, but the marlin fades off. Back down on the one we got, which is the one we need to win the tournament. Straight up and down, not too much pressure and the she comes unglued……broke the hook.Nobody says a word and we got to work, 7 minutes to go, Scott starts dropping back the right long and bam, he gets the bite from the other stripey that faded off earlier. We catch that one. Won the tournament with a whopping 5 minutes to spareIn reality, our hook up ratio sucked. We caught 6 out of the 18 different marlin that we got bites from, saw several more. We had bites from 10 different marlin on day 1 and caught only 3. A little better with the sails, catching 6 of 10 bites.George