Sunday, September 11, 2011

tarpon anyone?

Ha, ha not here. I got a report of large schools migrating the ocean between Cape Lookout and Beaufort Inlet yesterday....don't know where they were coming from, I haven't seen much of them this summer. If you want to get into some tarpon catching instead of tarpon fishing, we have some discounted openings as a result of a last minute cancellation on our annual tarpon fishing trip to Costa Rica.

We also have a couple of groups looking for singles or pairs to split their sailfish trip in January and in March.

Capt. Gary had a good morning light tackle fishing up the Neuse today, PLENTY of stripers on top water once he got below the bad water up around New Bern. That should clear out over the next few weeks. He finished the afternoon with a couple of heavy handfuls of big drum.

Capt. Brian had another big day with "Never Enough"....catching just enough to make him happy.

I had the pleasure of sleeping late and taking the Vice-Chairwoman of the Marine Fisheries Commission and a couple of her friends out for an afternoon of drum fishing....everyone got a couple of fish, including some big enough for their citations.