Sunday, August 21, 2011

Word has gotten out

There were as many boat trailers in Oriental last night as I've ever seen, sounds like the word has gotten out. Many of these folks have hired guides in the past and know how we fish and how to find fish. Best tip that I can give the "pilgrams" is to pick a spot and stay there; riding all over the river (and around other boats looking for a spot) doesn't help the fishing. The water is shallow and these are spooky fish. In most places in the river, swimming pools are deeper. Think about all those outboards zooming around on top of a big swimming pool. It spooks the hell out of the fish.

Needless to say, fishing was a little more sporadic yesterday the morning however, it was red hot, with double digit big drum releases and at least 5 tarpon that were hooked, including another release by the Big Dipper.

Mornings or afternoons from now for the next month should be good for the big drum. Some of the Down East Guides still have openings.

Here are some pics and comments from this past week:

"The trip was great, Cpt Brian in a top notch guy. He worked hard the entire time and put us on some great fish. Thanks a ton, George highly recommended Brian when I initially e-mailed about the Guide Service. I also really appreciate how easy it was to communicate with you guys and love that you emailed to follow up. We will definetly use DEGS again. Thanks!"
Eric and Jody

"Hey George and Anna. Had a great trip Monday. Brian worked his tail off to find us some fish on a tough day. As with all the Down East guides we have been around, he is a class act. I wanted to share a few photos with you as well. Thanks so much!"