Thursday, November 19, 2009

For those of you who are following the Los Suenos Marlin Tournament, I'm riding along on the Dragin Fly with Scott and Brent Wiggins and Mark Jones....they won't let me fish...."I'm a professional". That's a pretty good joke, they don't call me the "black cat" for nothing, although I did begin to shake that nickname last year when I caught my first marlin....but I'm a professional :)

First day of the tournament and the Spanish Fly started the day with a striped marlin, followed by 3 sails and another of the 1000 pt marlin, day 1 tied with the Clean Sweep, also with 2300 points.

Drum Roll is in second with a pair of marlin and a sail, 2100 points.

The Dragin Fly is still in the game with one marlin that stayed glued to the lure after briefly tasting a ballyhoo and circle hook. An earlier marlin made the same move, but came unglued from the lure after a short pull. One other sailfish faded away after swatting at a lure. We did catch a triple header of big bull dolphin, 133% hook up ratio on them, caught the three of the 25-35 pounders on 4 rods. That's right, one of them ate two baits.

Two more days of it.