Friday, June 26, 2009

Attacked in Africa

Attacked in Africa, soon after arrival, I was attacked by this "wild" African animal and I have been tormented by Chichico, our hosts' pet squirrel every day. I am looking forward to our road trip to the Chobe reserve in Botswana so that I can be around some less dangerous animals, elephants and lions.
A face only a mother could love, my first wild African animal.
The crib.
Within minutes of entering Krueger, our first lions of the day, they're waiting on mama to return.
I'm just a tree and you can't see me.
Why don't they put saddles on these guys?
Who do? No, a kudo.
wildebeest.....Why do they call him beast? Looks like cows to me and also to the lions.
One buffalo's pile of crap is another AFrican dung beetle's feast.
Some type of hornbill, kind of looks like a Costa Rica toucan

Aren't the males always the prettiest?
Not always.
Day at the beach.
The trip to Africa was a little tough on Capt. George
Wanna go for a swim?
Two young bucks
That's close enough!
Finally, an elephant